Clinical Consult Program

The Clinical Consult Program will provide a one-on-one forum in which a preceptor (a specialist in treating spasticity, muscle overactivity, and spastic paresis) can mentor a participating physician (a practicing neurologist or physiatrist who is interested in improving their spasticity-management skills). In a ¾-day program, the preceptor will review patients with spasticity or other conditions that result from upper motor neuron syndrome with the participating physician at the preceptor's office, clinic, or institution. Participating physicians will complete a Preprogram Questionnaire, which will be shared with the preceptor before the Clinical Consult, and a Postprogram Questionnaire about 1 month after, to measure the effectiveness of this CME program. Preceptors will host a Clinical Consult at their office. They will be responsible for scheduling 2 to 5 patients with spasticity and completing a Patient Qualification and Selection Checklist for each; the checklists will be sent to the preceptor to review before the Clinical Consult. The goal of the Clinical Consult Program is to increase participating physicians' skills with differential diagnosis, identifying appropriate treatment options, setting goals, and reviewing protocols for various pharmacologic therapies.

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aBecause of the educational nature of this program, treatment costs will not be reimbursed. Any patient scheduled for the NeuroRehab Clinical Consult Program who requires treatment should be billed as they would for a regularly scheduled visit, eg, through insurance.

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