NeuroRehab Preceptor Program

The NeuroRehab Preceptor Program is a comprehensive, one-on-one, CME mentoring initiative for neurologists and physiatrists on the management of spasticity and other conditions of muscle overactivity dysfunction. As a mentor, you should have a strong interest in the continuing education of the target audience and possess sound clinical and teaching abilities.

The educational goals of this program are to

  • Provide a hands-on forum in which physicians, highly experienced in treating spasticity, muscle overactivity, and spastic paresis, mentor participating physicians
  • Increase participating physicians' skills with differential diagnosis and identifying appropriate treatment options
  • Set goals and review protocols for various pharmacologic therapies for spasticity and muscle overactivity
  • Serve as a conduit for continuing mentoring and postprogram collegial discussion between physicians
  • Offer opportunities for continuing education, mentoring, and clinical proficiency of participating physicians

Click here to submit your curriculum vitae (CV). Please include your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address on your CV and also in the e-mail. You will be contacted shortly regarding your submission. Thank you for your interest in the NeuroRehab Preceptor Program.